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Statements of Belief

Credo School aspires to bring about a social change through the words and deeds of students which personify consideration for every person, integrity and an all-round discipline in daily life.

The examples set by teachers and the management intend to build character and nurture the personality of students; subsequently steering them on the path of academic success and instilling the essential attributes of leadership, communication and resilient life skills.

Founding Members

Rohail Ahmed

I believe that the Generation-Z, students of today will be highly competent and will utilize their knowledge and skills to achieve amazing feats for Pakistan. This remains our inspiration, to see these students get ahead of us in all walks of life. In the end, nothing is more satisfying than to see the sparkle of pride in the eyes of parents and students alike.

Shahab Yakoob

We as educationists are driven by the motivation to impart not only quality Cambridge education but to also ensure that the students receive a rock-solid foundation when it comes to conceptual understanding. Now this is something which everyone doesn’t do because it takes a tremendous amount of commitment and dedication, and at Credo we are blessed with a team goes more than that extra mile.

Saqib Alauddin

It’s a moment of truth when our students reflect the same passion which we have for them; it’s a sight to behold when they ask complex questions to satisfy their curiosity; it’s a delight to see them plan their careers, and I’m absolutely positive about it that the icons of Credo will be second-to-none in the years to come.

Murtaza Zai

I feel the last one year turned out to be beautiful for all of us at Credo School. With the kind of passion that’s witnessed among each and every member of staff and faculty, I believe that Credo School is destined to etch its name among those few institutes which are committed to bring about a change; a change which is sustainable and that will catapult our students and nation towards a brighter tomorrow.

From the Principal’s Desk

I think we have a wonderful team here at Credo School which has made every effort to ensure the larger betterment of students and to come up to the expectations of parents. I believe that the Credo philosophy is being successfully instilled among students, and as a result they will be able to amicably take our place one day and live a far better life.

Sadaf Aleem

World class Cambridge education at Credo School

Building character. Grooming leaders of tomorrow.